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Self Meditation Yoga Sutras

Students learn to apply the classical teachings in the context of daily life, gain an understanding of the workings of the mind, and learn techniques and practices to gain mastery over the mind. The purpose of our teachers is to bring the mind to calmness so one can realize the Self.

Clear the emotional system

Meditation has countless proven health benefits for both the mind and body. However, meditation is much more than just a technique to stay healthy, it is a way to develop lasting inner peace, a heightened state of awareness to understand the workings of the mind and reality, and above all; to know your True Self.

Deep & restorative sleep

Relax, take a break from your life and discover how to find inner peace, contentment, and happiness through the powerful tool of meditation. Discover the secret to balanced living and spiritual insight. The course offers an opportunity for you to know your mind under the guidance of an experienced meditation teacher.